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Ginseng Bird Nest Soup

Ginseng Bird Nest Soup
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Ginseng Rib Soup Material

  • The finest Changbai Mountain Ginseng
  • Fresh Organic Ribs
  • Fine Wolfberry



About Ginseng Soup


Edible effect

  1. Ginseng: The ginsenosides contained in the human body can promote the normal arterial lipid metabolism, can reduce the blood cholesterol. Therefore, the cholesterol-lowering effect of red ginseng cannot be neglected. Red Ginseng also has a strong heart effect, especially for coronary artery sclerosis is particularly appropriate, and heart disease patients with more blood cholesterol increase.
  2. Sea cucumber: Its tonic effect is similar to ginseng, so it has its name. After the leaching of sea cucumber containing protein, calcium, iron, fat content is very low, only 0.3 grams, but completely no cholesterol, and each kilogram of dried sea cucumber contains 6000 micrograms of iodine. Sea cucumber has tonifying kidney impotence, benefiting Qi yin effect. It has been reported that sea cucumber has a certain curative effect on spastic paralysis after apoplexy, and it also helps to reduce blood pressure.
  3. Protein: It does not contain cholesterol, and protein content of 98%, fat only 0.1%, and the human body to the absorption rate of protein is 99%, it is ideal for high nutritional food.
  4. Lean Pork: 22 of the meat’s cholesterol is 45 mg. If you only drink soup, do not eat lean meat, cholesterol intake of less.

Product Details


Servings for 1 people, Servings for 2 people, Servings for 3 people, Servings for 4 people

Main Ingredient

Changbai Mountain Ginseng, Changbai Mountain Wild Ginseng

Pick Up

Ginseng Souprise @ Aperia Mall, Delivery

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